Mac' and the Boys : Alternative Music

Alternative Music : Mac' and the Boys


Mac and the Boys are an amateur band made up of Tomas Aldaya (Acoustic Rhythm Guitar/Vocals) and Francois Le Grand (Lead Guitar/ Vocals). It's more the byproduct of a long friendship than anything else.

Frequenting the same secondary school (ACS Cobham) led to discussions generally involving South American football (Francois Le Grand was born in Salvador and is the son of Brazilian/French parents, whilst Tomas Aldaya was born in Buenos Aires to Uruguyan/Argentinian parents). That same year the Aldaya family moved houses and the boys were now only separated by about 100 metres of pavement.

In 2005,  Frank bought an Epiphone Les Paul [the model with flames] and Tom- who had been playing for 4 or 5 years- offered to help. More and more often he came to teach the basics. Indeed, those were the first steps which led to the music you hear today. 

  Mac and the Boys (Named after the bum, Mack, from Cannery Row and his gang of men) from the off, wanted to write- in a generation where creative angles seem amiss in popular rock- alternative tunes, each with their own story; that meant playing around with the music we made.  

 In the end, music is made for enjoyment- ours and yours- and we hope some of you get kicks from listening to these songs.


Unheard Of by Mac' and the Boys

Release Date: End of 2011