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Welcome to Mac' and the Boys internet HQ,

We're an up and coming alternative rock duo looking to expose our music to wider audiences because, frankly, we feel there's not something of the like being made or thought of. That's not to say our music is better but it's different, for instance it is not processed- e.g. fiddled about by five sound engineers to sound better. I'm Frank (Francois Le Grand) and the other half of the band is Tom (Tomas Aldaya) and we're glad you stumbled upon us.

 A good starting point for anyone who wants to listen to our current material and get a taste of what we are about would be our MySpace page on :

 We are currently working on our debut album provisionally titled Unheard Of and if God wills it, then this will be the year it sees the light of day. Lastly, I'd like to say that a band is nothing without its fans so if you like what we do don't hesitate to write and get in touch. It'd be a pleasure to hear from you. Until then,

All the best! 

 Mac' and The Boys